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Title Call for applications, 2022 Jangseogak Hanmun Workshop
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The Jangseogak Archives of the Academy of Korean Studies is pleased to invite participants for the 2022 Jangseogak Hanmun Workshop.
The Jangseogak Archives is an archive and research institute that manages about 120,000 Korean historical manuscripts and books held in the royal palaces of Joseon and also collects historical records from across the country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jangseogak Hanmun Workshop has provided various online lectures from basic to advanced level since 2020. The workshop offered 10 lectures on the format of Korean historical manuscripts in 2020 and 10 lectures on classification method of Korean historical manuscripts in 2021. In 2022 Jangseogak Hanmun Workshop, lectures focusing on advanced courses (from basic) for Korean historical manuscripts will be held. By offering lectures at various levels, the workshop aims to give anyone interested in Korea an opportunity to learn about Korea. In addition, the workshop provides scholars with expertise in Korean historical manuscripts so that they can utilize the materials stored in the Jangseogak Archives. Anyone interested in Korea is sincerely welcomed to apply.

■ Lecture Contents : Total 10 lectures
  1. Land Sales Certification in Joseon Su-Hwan Jung, Ph.D. the Academy of Korean Studies 
  2. Learning cursive handwriting – Choseo Cheonjamun (4)
Young-Hwan Sim, Ph.D., the Academy of Korean Studies
  3. How to Manage a Clan - Hangeul Letters of Haenam Yun Clan’s Eldest Daughter-in-Law
Hyun-Ju Lee, Ph.D., the Academy of Korean Studies
  4. Hojeoljungcho(family registers) - Documents Protected by Gods
Won-Young Heo, Ph.D., the Academy of Korean Studies
  5. Red and White Exam Certicates in Joseon
In-Hwan Noh, Ph.D., the Academy of Korean Studies
  6. List of Suhagwon's textbook - Line-by-Line Reading
Hye-Jung Lee, Ph.D., the Academy of Korean Studies
  7. Gungbang subon in Late Joseon – Line-by-Line Reading
Eun-Jin Lee, Ph.D., the Academy of Korean Studies
  8. Would be Government Officials of Joseon and their Personal Networks
Jae-Ok Lee, Ph.D., the Academy of Korean Studies
  9. Park  Se-dang’s Seogyeyumuk
Hak-Su Kim, Professor, The Graduate School of Korean Studies, the Academy of Korean Studies
  10. Seals in Historical Documents and their meaning
In-Geun Seong, Professor, Kyonggi University

 ◦ Application period: November 1st November 18th, 2022 (Korean time)
 ◦ Submission Method: Please fill out the application form completely and attach it in an email to:
    ※ Please fill in your full name, nationality, current occupation, affiliation, e-mail address, etc.
       on the application form.

    ※ Applicants will be informed of their results via e-mail.
Tuition fee: free
Lecture Method: We will send the recorded video lecture address(URL) through the e-mail address used
    at the time of course registration
You can freely take the courses through the video within the course period.
Course period: from November 29th to December 9th, 2022 (Korean time)
    ※ Lecture materials are not available.
    ※ All lectures are recorded in Korean with English subtitles.
Contact Information
In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    ※ The 2022 Jangseogak Hanmun Workshop could be subject to changes, or modifications.