Ever since its founding in 1978, the AKS has been working steadily to advance the field of Korean studies with high-quality research. With that four-decade long history, the AKS continues to strive for a better future for Korean studies.
한국학중앙연구원 종합연구동
  • 2016 Aug. 31 Construction of a traditional Korean-style lecture hall, Cheonggye Hakdang, completed
  • 2014 Apr. 11 Construction of the Research Complex completed
  • 2010 Dec. 24 Construction of new Jangseogak Archives building completed
  • 2007 May 10 Korean Studies Promotion Service launched
  • 2003 Mar. Understanding Korea Project launched
    Jul. 23 Digital Local Culture Encyclopedia of Korea launched
    Nov. 13 Construction of dormitory completed
  • 1997 Sep. 4 AKS’s Cheonggye Seodang School admits its first students
  • 1996 Feb. 1 Digital Library of Korean Studies established
  • 1991 Sep. 12 AKS holds the first World Korean Symposium
    Dec. 31 The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Korean Culture published
  • 1981 Jun. 30 Construction of Jangseogak Archives completed
    Jul. 6 Rare books managed by the Cultural Heritage Administration relocated to Jangseogak Archives
  • 1980 Mar. 5 The Graduate School of Korean Studies opens
  • 1979 Sep. 22 AKS holds its first workshop
    Dec. 17 AKS holds the first International Conference on Korean Studies
  • 1978 Feb. 28 Plan for the institute receives presidential approval
    Jun. 30 AKS opens
  • 1976 Jul. 21 The Korean government decides to establish an institute dedicated to Korean studies