The AKS Press

The AKS Press has published over 1,800 books focusing on basic materials and new theories of Korean Studies. With the aim to provide knowledge for the serious readers in and outside Korea, these books were published under the mottos, “In-depth Knowledge of the Korean Studies” and “Widely Shared Korean Studies”. Many of these books were acclaimed as “outstanding books” by ICAS (International Convention of Asia Scholars), Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, The National Academy of Sciences and other book-related institutions, being at the

forefront of globalization of Korean studies through exchange between prestigious academic institutions in Korea and abroad. AKS has recently launched a project for the publication of a hundred books which summarizes the essence of philosophical ideas developed in Korea. With today’s publishing environment and diverse demands of readers changing rapidly, we are spearheading the effort to make to provide our readers with content on Korean Studies through online channels and social media.