The Review of Korean Studies (RKS) is a peer-
reviewed, academic journal published in English by
the Academy of Korean Studies.

The Review of Korean Studies(RKS)

Its goal is to stimulate dialogue and exchange ideas, theories, and perspectives among Koreanists in both Asia and the West, by publishing cutting-edge articles in all subfields of Korean Studies. The RKS was first published in 1998 and has been indexed in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), Scopus, Korea Citation Index (KCI), and MLA Directory of Periodicals. The RKS is widely recognized by scholars as one of the leading English-language journals in the field of Korean Studies.

  • Print ISSN : 1229-0076
  • Online ISSN : 2733-9351
  • Publication Dates : Biannual in June and December
  • Indexed in : SCOPUS, ESCI, MLA, EBSCO, KCI, etc.

Korea Journal is a peer reviewed,
international and interdisciplinary research
journal that focuses on all aspects of Korean studies.

Korea Journal

Korea Journal was published in 1961 with the goal of promoting Korean Studies around the world. It is the standard journal read by Korean Studies specialists around the world and is a must-read for anyone seriously interested in East Asian or Korean Studies.

Submissions are solicited in all areas of social sciences and humanities, including history, literature, philosophy, art, economics, psychology, religion, political science, anthropology and sociology. Korea Journal offers express review and publication and is provided as open-access to readers, making all research results freely available online.

Korea Journal has been indexed in A&HCI (Arts and Humanities Citation Index) since 2001. It is also indexed in Scopus, MLA Directory of Periodicals, BAS (Bibliography of Asian Studies), EBSCO, and registered with the National Research Foundation of Korea.

  • Print ISSN : 0023-3900
  • Online ISSN : 2733-9343
  • Published in : Quarterly on Mar. 31, Jun. 30, Sep. 30, Dec. 31
  • Indexed in : Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI), Scopus, MLA International Bibliography, Bibliography of Asian Sudies (BAS), EBSCO, KCI, RISS, KOAJ, KOAR, DBpia, 국회도서관, NAVER 학술정보

The Review of Korean Studies
is an iconic quarterly periodical on Korean
Studies published by the Academy of Korean Studies.

한국학 학술지

It contains research papers, theses, discussions on various issues of the Korean Studies, in-depth introductions and proposals, trends in Korean Studies abroad and academic book reviews.

It was selected as an NRF registered journal in 2004, and is currently distributed to more than 300 academic institutions and libraries, providing valuable sources for the research of Korean Studies.

The magazine changed its name from Korea Journal to The Review of Korean Studies since its 155th edition published in June 2019.

The Jangseogak is an academic journal published
twice a year in April and October since 1999
by the Jangseogak Archives of
the Academy of Korean Studies.

장서각 학술지

The Jangseogak publishes research articles based on the sources from the Jangseogak Archives, comprehensive introduction and proposals of the archived materials, and interdisciplinary research on related studies.

The Jangseogak plays a leading role in researching the literary works of Korean Studies in the Jangseogak Archives, as well as contributing to the development of Korean Studies at home and abroad by providing original research articles selected through a rigorous review process.