Jangseogak Archives Collection

The Jangseogak Archives collection includes two items inscribed in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme, six in the National Treasures list, 30 in the Treasures list, and 222 in the lists of Provincial and Municipal Cultural Heritage and Registered Cultural Heritage.

UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme


Uigwe (Royal Protocols of the Joseon Dynasty)
341 books, 503 volumes / Registered in 2007
Records of texts and illustrations of various important royal and state events held during the Joseon dynasty


Dongui Bogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine)
25 volumes, 1st Ed. (registered in 2009), National Treasure No. 319-2
A comprehensive encyclopedic work on the theories and practices of the traditional East Asian medicine

State-designated Cultural Heritages

  • Tonggam Sokpyeon
    (Supplement to the Comprehensive Mirror
    for Aid in Government)
    1422 / Nat’l Treasure No. 283

  • Woljungdo
    (Scenes of Yeongwol)
    Treasure No. 1536

  • Isip Gongsin Hoemaengchuk
    (Scroll of Oath-taking Rites
    by Twenty Meritorious Subjects)
    Nat’l Treasure No. 335

  • Gukjo Jeongtorok
    (Records of Wars in the Early Joseon Period)
    Treasure No. 1511 / *Sole extant copy*

  • Son So Chosang
    (Portrait of Son So)
    1476 / Treasure No. 1216

Other Rare Texts

  • Genealogical Records
    of the Joseon Royal Family

    822 books, 5,280 volumes

  • Nakseonjae Collection
    of Classic Novels in Hangeul

    99 books, 2,215 volumes

  • Heoju Bugun Sansu Yucheop
    (Yi Jong-ak’s Landscape Album)

  • Gunyeongdeungnok
    (Records of the Central Military Garrisons)
    569 volumes

  • Ubok Seonsaeng Sijang
    (Documents on Procedures to Determine
    the Posthumous Title of Ubok)