the Graduate School of Korean Studies

Established to nurture specialists in Korean studies, the Graduate School of Korean Studies operates an educational program focusing on research-oriented humanities and social sciences, offering collaborative lectures for interdisciplinary research, academic credit system, and research-focused courses.

The School, located adjacent to the scenic Cheonggyesan Mountain in Seoul, is home to the next generation of scholars specialized in Korean studies and includes students from over 30 countries worldwide. Since its establishment in 1980, it has been nurturing competent scholars, providing research-centered programs for a relatively small group of elite scholars in the fields of humanities, social science, culture and arts. Its graduates have been highly regarded for their academic

achievements, playing a vital role at various educational and research institutions of Korean studies in Korea and abroad. The School currently has about 300 students enrolled, including about 120 international students from 30 countries.

The Graduate School of Korean Studies operates specialized courses based on theme-specific research activities, which involve many on-site surveys, courses connected with Korean studies research projects, and the research performance credit system.

The School also provides its students with a special learning program to advance their ability to understand the Chinese classics and Korean language courses to help international students to form an in-depth knowledge of Korean language and culture.

  • Class

    A 5:1 student-
    faculty ratio

  • Research-

    Students’ participation in
    Korean studies
    research projects

  • Special
    education for

    Chinese characters
    and Korean

  • Variety of
    generous scholarships

Academic curriculum and majors (16 majors in 4 divisions)

MA and PhD
courses of the AKS
Graduate School
of Korean Studies
  • Division of Humanities
    • Korean History
    • Diplomatics and Bibliography
    • Philosophy
    • Korean Linguistics · Korean Literature
  • Division of Culture and Arts
    • Anthropology · Folklore
    • Religious Studies
    • Musicology
    • Art History
    • Cultural Informatics · Human Geography
  • Division of Social Science
    • Political Science
    • Economics
    • Sociology
    • Ethics
    • Education
  • Division of Global Korean Studies
    • Korean Culture and Society
    • Korean Classics and Global Communication (An interdisciplinary program)