International Affairs

The Center for International Affairs (CEFIA) oversees the understanding and promotion of Korean studies abroad and for foreigners in Korea. CEFIA intends to contribute to raising the level of global citizens’ recognition of Korea and upgrading Korea’s national image. CEFIA has two main divisions: Division of International Support for Korean Studies and the Understanding Korea Project.

CEFIA seeks to enhance the quality and expand the influence of Korean Studies in international society through its International Support for Korean Studies project which includes support for scholarly research and academic conferences through various programs such as Korean Studies grants, fellowship programs(AKS Fellowship and AKS Hanmun Fellowship), the AKS Summer Program for International Students, and international academic exchanges. We also host two major academic conferences, the World Congress of Korean Studies and the International Conference on Korean Studies, which not only invigorate communication among Korean Studies scholars throughout the world but also bring together researchers from adjacent fields. Through the Societas Koreana, public opinion leaders around the world are introduced to Korean culture to improve the image of Korea abroad.

CEFIA finds content in international textbooks that incorrectly describes Korea through foreign textbook analysis, annual textbook seminars, education program for textbook specialist, regional program for textbook specialists, and overseas meetings related to textbooks. Such efforts raise awareness about the Republic of Korea and provide proper information about Korean culture and history in a positive manner. Relatedly, we also develop and disseminate various kinds of materials to introduce Korea abroad. CEFIA will continue to strive to reach our goals of providing support for international Korean Studies and promoting an understanding of Korea.