Korean Studies Contents Publication Project

This project aims to provide comprehensive information on the Korean cultural heritage, both online and offline, through the Digital Local Culture Encyclopedia of Korea and Encyclopedia of Korean Culture. The Korean cultural heritage has built a firm foundation adapted for the 21st century through modern IT technologies, which have allowed Korea to be at the forefront of global culture.

The Digital Local Culture Encyclopedia of Korea

is one of the main cultural content publication projects undertaken by the AKS aimed at the full-scale compilation of information on cultural heritage artifacts and sites located in 230 cities, counties, and districts in Korea.

The project involves on-site surveys, excavations, and research on cultural assets in regional areas, the creation of information content specific to the region, and its presentation to the public through portal sites, mobile services and websites. The project, which enables cities and counties outside the Seoul capital area to maintain an encyclopedic database of their cultural heritage, enables their regional cultural heritage to contribute not only to the cultural identity of Koreans but also to the development of cultures worldwide.

Encyclopedia of Korean Culture

is one of Korea's most comprehensive encyclopedias published through the knowledge of the various cultures among Koreans. The encyclopedia is available online on Korea's major portal sites and mobile apps, as well as the official website.

The encyclopedia continues to be revised and expanded to reflect the latest research achievements and cultural tendencies in Korea. Since its first publication, The Digital Local Culture Encyclopedia of Korea has been playing a very important role in providing users worldwide with valuable sources to gain an in-depth understanding of Korean cultural heritage and promoting Korean Studies for scholars outside Korea.

  • 1980 ~ 1991 First edition published (total 27 volumes)
  • 1995 Published in possession (1 volume)
  • 2007 ~ Now Online services (PC, mobile editions)