Korean Studies Informatization Project

Since its establishment to provide high-quality information on Korean Studies to both experts and laymen with its digital information network, the Korean Studies Informatization Project has effectively supported systematic surveys and the collection and documentation of primary and secondary sources of Korean Studies dating to Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945. The project still actively collects and digitalizes original sources, books, documents, and research articles on humanities related to Korean Studies and allow them to be viewed by anyone online. The digitalized content on Korean Studies provided through this project contributes to the creation of new values for the development of the knowledge-based information era.


A comprehensive online search service for the primary sources and research achievements of Korean Studies collected by the AKS

[Powerful provider of the basic database on Korean Studies]

Prominent Figures in Korean History

A comprehensive search system for the names and biographical information of those who passed the state examinations in the Goryeo and Joseon era, and the monarchs, local administrators, and high-ranking officials of the two dynasties

Korean Studies Digital Archives

Provider of the texts of the original works of classical literature in the AKS collection

[Basic Data Provider of Korean Studies]

Information Portal for the Korean Studies Promotion Project

Provider of information on the results of the research undertaken as part of the Korean Studies Promotion Project organized and sponsored by the Ministry of Education

[Hub for the Center for Korean Studies Materials]

Center for Korean Studies Materials

  • Integrated search service for the materials of classical literature collected by Korean Studies institutions in Korea and abroad
  • Search for original images and textual content of the primary sources for Korean Studies