Korean Studies Popularization Project

Publication of the AKS Online Bulletin

The Academy of Korean Studies publishes its monthly bulletin online to provide both Korean Studies researchers and the general public with the latest news on Korean Studies research.

AKS Visit Program

The Academy of Korean Studies operates a tour program open to not only scholars and business executives, but also casual visitors, local residents, and youths. The participants in the tour program are provided with guides on the valuable Korean Studies materials in the AKS collection and an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful stroll around the scenic campus. A visit to the treasure house of Korean Studies will be a great experience for the visitors due to its invaluable humanistic heritage showcased by the academy and its surrounding beautiful natural landscape.

Jangseogak Exhibitions

The Academy of Korean Studies showcases the permanent exhibition, Monarchs and Neo-Confucian Elites of Joseon, with classical books and documents treasured by the ruling class of Joseon, which are currently held in the Jangseogak. The Academy also holds a special annual exhibition with the materials selected under a new theme. The exhibitions are organized according to the Academy’s policy of ensuring the general public to access the invaluable documentary heritage.

Jangseogak Academy

This lecture program is organized to meet the demand of the public who are eager to gain an in-depth understanding of the cultural heritage of the Joseon period. The program is divided into two lectures, the ‘General Course’ and ‘Specialized Course’ (also called "Classical Literature School"), that present the diverse “cultures of the royal court of Joseon” and the "history and culture of the Joseon dynasty".