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Welcome to the website of the Graduate School of Korean Studies. The Graduate School of Korean Studies opened on March 5, 1980 to contribute to the advancement of Korean culture through in-depth research into the humanities and social sciences, and to develop academic human resources to further the globalization of Korean Studies.
Over the three decades since its inception, the Graduate School of Korean Studies have striven to foster new generations of scholars capable of taking the discipline of Korean Studies to its next level, with the prospects of this entire field vitally resting on the outcome of this effort. Since the first graduation in 1982 to date, the Graduate School of Korean Studies has produced some 900 MA and 400 PhD graduates in cumulative total. These alumni, working in various capacities, in universities, research institutions and cultural organizations across Korea, are helping this young discipline come of age through their research and educational endeavors.
The AKS Graduate School of Korean Studies is a Korean-style research-oriented graduate institution. Graduate students participate in research projects, in the capacity of researchers. Aside from deepening their theoretical knowledge of Korean Studies and conducting research in their respective major areas, students at the AKS Graduate School also work to improve their philological knowledge of Chinese and proficiency in international languages, indispensable for the globalization of Korean Studies. For international students, mastering the Korean language and a thorough immersion into Korean culture are particularly important goals for the time spent at our institution. Also, by operating a separate Global Korean Studies division and exchanging with graduate schools overseas, we are making active efforts to broaden the horizon for this discipline. We are helping to broaden the audience for Korean Studies as well, through community programs such as evening classes open to the general public at Cheonggye Seodang.
Thanks to academic excellence, underpinned by the quality of curriculum and outstanding research and education methods, we are receiving applications from growing numbers of students from both Korea and overseas, every year. Nearly 260 future Korean Studies scholars are enrolled in graduate programs at our institution, of which 120 are foreign students. Through a successful combination of a faculty team made up of top-notch researchers and educators and exceptionally motivated and dedicated students, the Graduate School of Korean Studies will further consolidate its position as the nation’s most authoritative graduate studies institution in the field of Korean Studies, producing capable future scholars for this field.
Thank you for your interest in the Graduate School of Korean Studies and we appreciate your continuing support.
Gilsang Lee
Graduate School of Korean Studies

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