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  Support for Korean Studies Research
AKS provides support for in-depth research into Korean culture on a regular basis. Research projects on Korean culture, open to Korean and international academics and researchers, are generally headed by a member of AKS’ faculty team. Over the thirty years between 1978 and 2013, AKS has funded projects consisting of 2,606 research tasks in 1,511 subject categories and enlisting 5,157 total participants.
  Promoting Research Ethics
In recent years, there has been in academic communities worldwide a growing concern about ethical standards in research. AKS is active in addressing issues related to research ethics. We regularly host seminars on research ethics for our research staff, and distribute research ethics guidelines to the staff and students, in an effort to instill ethical awareness in all members of the AKS community.
  Central Management of Research Funding
At AKS, all research funds, whether they are allocated to projects by it, the National Research Foundation of Korea or any other entities, are managed centrally. Researchers at AKS are informed and educated about policies and practices relating to how research funds are spent and allocated, so as to prevent and minimize any mishaps or misconduct. AKS has set procedures to ensure transparency, equitability and integrity in the management of research funds, and regularly monitor the status of compliance.
  Korean Studies Publications
Consistent publication of books and journals is another important means for the Academy of Korean Studies to spread and update recent scholarly works on Korean Studies. Since its inception until 2012, AKS has released some 1,700 books. There are three journals published by the AKS: the Korean Studies Quarterly (Jeongsin munhwa yeongu, in Korean), the Review of Korean Studies (biannual in English), and Jangseogak (biannual in Korean).
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