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International Cooperation
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We carry out exchange programs and cooperative projects in collaborations with academic institutions and scholars abroad in order to enhance international notion and understanding of Korean history and culture.
 International Support for Korea Studies

We dispatch Korean professors to overseas Korean studies institutions every year to enhance the quality of Korean studies and the international universality of Korean studies, while providing support for the relevant academic research, seminars, publication, an English journal and prominent research papers. Our efforts to promote Korean studies worldwide include the following major projects: invitation to Korea of, and support for, foreign scholars specializing in Korean studies; lecture sessions on Korean culture; the World Congress of Korean Studies; Societas Koreana; the Inter-Korea Academic Meeting; and publication of The Review of Korean Studies, a journal published in English.
 Understanding Korea

‘Understanding Korea’ is a project for the rectification of any factual errors related to Korea found in textbooks used in schools across the world to eliminate misconceptions about Korean history and culture and create a more accurate understanding of them in the international community. Activities carried out under this project include reviewing textbooks from around the world, identifying and correcting misinformation or counter-factual statements, inviting textbook publishers for training programs in Korea, and hosting international seminars. We are also making various contributions to improve Korea’s national image and enhance foreign understanding of Korean culture through the development and distribution of introductory materials on Korea and the provision of support to overseas private organizations.

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