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Currently, in many countries around the world, active efforts are made to foster and promote studies of national culture and history, to thereby enhance their national brand. Korean Studies is a field which explores comprehensive aspects of Korean culture, to reveal its excellence and universal value. To help Korean Studies become a global academic discipline, researched beyond its borders, AKS set up, in May 2007, a division in charge of steering efforts to promote this field in May 2007, with the support from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (then known as the “Ministry of Education and Human Resources”).
In January 2009, with its absorption of Korean Studies support projects until then carried out by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology – the Korean Studies Primary Source Project, the Overseas Korean Studies Promotion Project, the Manpower Development Project for Translation of Sino-Korean Classics, etc. - the division was renamed the “Korean Studies Promotion Service.” In charge of reviewing and selecting Korean Studies research projects and overseeing post-project affairs, the Korean Studies Promotion Service has, since then, rapidly gained the prestige and reputation as the most authoritative institution in this field.
All projects carried out by the Korean Studies Promotion Service are based on a meticulous blueprint, as a planned approach is essential for obtaining research results that are needed in today’s Korean Studies field. Project cycles are medium to long term, and support is provided through a top-down method. Meanwhile, results from these projects, for their speedy dissemination to academia as well as among the general public, are periodically published through both online and offline channels.
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