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 Encyclopedia of  Local Korean Culture 

The Encyclopedia of Local Korean Culture is a gigantic-scale compilation project of cultural content which includes consolidation and integration of local cultural resources from 230 cities, counties and city wards nationwide into a comprehensive body of knowledge. The project has been ongoing for over a period of twenty years starting from 2003. As the project progresses, it will provide a standard framework for city and county annals and thereby help improve the efficiency of their publishing processes. Content developed under this project closely reflects the cultural, social and historical characteristics of each community, thanks to meticulous surveys and research to identify resources available at individual cities or towns. All content produced under this project will be also made available online, through the websites of local communities, such as city or town websites, and for mobile devices.
This project is designed to enable each region to possess an encyclopedia of its local specialties and features and ubiquitous access to the information around the globe. We hope this project will go a long way towards helping Koreans around the world establish their cultural identity and understand the local cultures of Korea, and further make contributions to the development of the world culture.
 Encyclopedia of Korean Culture 
The Encyclopedia of Korean Culture is a comprehensive and exhaustive reference work on Korean culture and one of the most authoritative works of its kind published to date in Korea. Since the completion of this landmark work on Korean culture, AKS has been continuously updating and complementing its content to ensure its continued relevance into the digital age.
The encyclopedia will be updated with new content to incorporate cultural developments occurred since the original edition and the latest research results obtained since then. The revised edition, scheduled to be released in 2017, will contain 86,000 entries and 53,000 multimedia items, setting a new milestone in reference publishing in the Korean Studies field. Upon the completion of the revised edition and start of its online service, the Encyclopedia of Korean Culture will serve as a tremendous vehicle for delivering quintessential information on Korean culture to people around the globe and give a huge momentum to research in the Korean Studies field.
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