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 Title |  Job Announcement (Professional Track)
 Author |  Admin   Date |  Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:19 pm
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The Academy of Korean Studies invites applicants for position of copy editor (Professional track). We seek a creative professional to join our English-language editorial team.
Academy of Korean Studies
1. Job Description  
Number of vacant positions
Editing paper for the English language journal “Review of Korean Studies” 
-       Proofread research academic papers in English language
-       Edit papers in accordance with guideline and the Chicago Manual of Style.
Editing English-language documents in Academy of Korean Studies
-       Review and edit English documents in the Academy including English-language correspondences, emails and publications
-       Support for international publishing.
-          Activities related with international affairs at the Center for International Affairs, requiring native English proficiency and knowledge of international practices
2. Required Qualifications
The candidate must meet basic eligibility requirements under the Academy of Korean Studies’ personnel rules and Article 33 of the State Public Officials Act, as well as all of the following qualification requirements:
A. Native English speaker;
B. Candidates with a minimum of Bachelor's degree with more than 1 year proven experience of editing and supervising in Korea/ or those who have Master's degree in related field.(e.g. editing, writing, etc.)
Preference given to candidates with a working knowledge of Korean, and Korean culture
3. Review Process:
1) Document screening
2) Interview
(Only those candidates successful in the documentary screening phase will be invited for an interview)
4. Required Application Documents
A. A completed application form (application form can be downloaded from the Academy’s website)
B. A letter of interest (should not exceed two A4 pages in length)
※ Candidates with professional experience in editing or publishing are encouraged to describe in detail their role and responsibilities at their current or former position.
C. Copy of highest university diploma (B.A. or above) and official transcript
D. Certificate of professional records (if applicable)
5. Application Acceptance and Submission
A. Acceptance period: February 21, 2011 ~ February 25, 2011
B. How to submit: Application is accepted only by e-mail (attach scanned copies of the diploma and official transcripts to the e-mail)
C. E-mail address: aks@aks.ac.kr
6. Application Review
A. Document screening: March 4, 2011
B. Interview: March 10, 2011
※ the above screening schedule is subject to change without notice.
7. Announcement of successful applicants: List of successful candidates after document screening and final interview results will be announced in the official website of the Academy of Korean Studies (http://www.aks.ac.kr).
8. Tips and Reminders
A. All matters not expressly provided for in this vacancy announcement are subject to relevant provisions in the Academy’s personnel bylaws.
B. The application form can be downloaded from the official website of the Academy of Korean Studies at http://www.aks.ac.kr.
C. Academic and professional credentials entered in the application form must be limited to those that can be supported by substantiating documents.
D. All supporting documents, including the copy of highest diploma and official transcripts, must be submitted in the form of scanned image files (candidates are required to produce originals of all scanned copies at the time of the interview).
E. The name of all documents electronically submitted must begin with the job category, followed by the title of the file and the name of the applicant (ex. Professional position- Application form – Hong Gil-dong.hwp or Professional position – Letter of interest – Hong Gil-dong.hwp). The file attachments must not be compressed.
F. Applicants are advised to keep the due date of submission. The Academy of Korean Studies will not consider any submissions received after the deadline.
G. The Academy of Korean Studies reserves the right to disregard incomplete submissions, which are missing supporting documents, or submissions prepared in a manner not conforming to the above-provided guidelines. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all information provided in the application form is accurate and complete. The Academy of Korean Studies will not return any material submitted.
H. The offer of employment or the appointment may be withdrawn or revoked, if it is determined that the assignee fails to meet the required qualifications or conditions for employment.
I. Address all inquiries to the General Affairs Team (Tel.: 031-708-5761, 031-709-8111 Extension: 711, Fax: 031-709-1531).
'The information contained in this vacancy announcement is subject to change without notice.’
※ Note that only those academic and professional credentials which can be supported by substantiating documents may be listed in the application form.
※ Specific dates must be provided for all relevant previous employment experience, including months and days. If additional sheets are needed, applicants are allowed to attach them to the application form.

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