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 Title |  The Review of Korean Studies Call for Papers: Articles, Proposals for Thematic Issues,and Primary Sources on Korean Studies
 Author |  Admin   Date |  Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:59 am
The Review of Korean Studies
Call for Papers:
Articles, Proposals for Thematic Issues,
and Primary Sources on Korean Studies
The Review of Korean Studies (RKS) is a peer-reviewed, academic journal published in English by The Academy of Korean Studies biannually. Since its first published in 1998, the RKS has been striving to stimulate dialogue and exchange ideas, theories, and perspectives among Koreanists in both Asia and the West, by publishing cutting-edge articles in all subfields of Korean Studies. RKS is widely recognized by scholars as one of the leading English-language journals in the Korean Studies field.  
RKS is currently soliciting articles from potential authors in any field of Korean Studies for publication in the following sections of the journal for December, 2012 and future issues of the journal.
The paper should be an unpublished original work of the author(s) and not under publication consideration elsewhere. Book reviews, extended review articles, reports on significant academic events and other relevant issues to Korean studies may also be submitted.
Submission Period and Manuscript Format
I. ResearchArticles
1.    Submission dates: August 15, 2012 for December, 2012 Issue (Vol. 15-2);
                                            March 15 , 2013 for June, 2013 Issue (Vol. 16-1~2)
Proposed articles should be submitted 6~3.5 months in advance of publication in order to allow for peer review and pre-publication editorial work.
2.     A manuscript should normally be no more than thirty (30) pages in length, including the following contents:
    i.     an abstract of 150-200 words and four to five keywords,
    ii.    a list of references of no more than five (5) pages,
    iii.   tables and figures, if any.
3.    Authors who speak English as a second language are strongly recommended to have their manuscript copy edited before submission.
II. Proposal Submission for Thematic Issues
1.     Submission dates: December 1, 2012 for December, 2013 Issue;
                                            June 1, 2013 for June, 2014 Issue.
(* a minimum of one year in advance of publication).
2.    Thematic issues should include at least three and as many as five articles, all of which must be original works of scholarship and should not have been published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
3.     A proposal for a thematic issue should be 1-2 pages in length and include:
    i.       the proposed theme of the issue;
    ii.    the contribution of the research;
    iii.   the names, academic affiliations, and contact information for the proposed authors of the articles;
    iv.   tentative title and one-paragraph abstract of each article;
    v.    target publication date.
4.     The guest editor:
    i.    RKS will review and select proposals that best fit the goals of the journal, and the guest editor among the proposed authors.
    ii.   The guest editor’s duties include, but are not limited to, writing an introduction to the topic, working closely with the individual authors to ensure that each thematic article is within the scope of the overall topic, and meeting submission deadlines. The guest editor will be paid an honorarium for conducting such duties.
    iii.  The guest editor may elect to write a thematic article in addition to the general introduction to the issue.
    iv.  The guest editor may also recommend prospective reviewers for the individual articles. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, however, peer reviews will be conducted by the RKS editorial staff.
5.    The RKS strongly recommends that all articles be written and submitted in English. However, in special circumstances, articles may be submitted in Korean for translation into English. Please contact the editors in advance for our Korean submission policy.
III. Sources for Korean Studies
1.     Submission dates: August 15, 2012 for December, 2012 Issue (Vol. 15-2);
                                      March 15 , 2013 for June, 2013 Issue (Vol. 16-1~2)
2.     The section is a new feature of the RKS that is intended to introduce primary sources and documents that provide significant insights into the history and culture of Korea. An overview or meticulous translation of primary sources may be submitted, with:
     i.    Bibliographical information of the source,
    ii.   150-200 word introduction.
3. Footnotes and reproductions of the original text may be added, if necessary. (In the event of publication, the author is responsible for acquiring high-resolution images of the text, along with permission to publish them.)
4. Publication of a manuscript exceeding 30 pages in length should be consulted in advance with the chief editor and/or the editor.
Submission Guideline
All manuscripts should be submitted by email as an attachment in MS Word document (.doc) format, with a cover page including an email address, a mailing address and a short introduction about the author(s)/contributor(s). In the preparation of manuscripts, authors are requested to observe the standards specified by the RKS, which generally follows the Chicago Manual of Styles, 16th Edition and the R/R system for Korean romanization. Additional instructions for authors can be obtained from the RKS website:
Please send all submissions to the following email address:
Lee Ji-Hyun
Managing Editor, The Review of Korean Studies
323 Haogae-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,
Gyeonggi-do 463-791, Republic of Korea
Telephone (+82-31-709-8111, ext. 324), or fax (+82-31-709-4168).
Post -SubmissionProcedures
1.   All research manuscripts will be refereed by two (2) blind reviewers. The translated primary sources may be blind-reviewed by one or two experts of the field, based on which the submitter may be asked to revise translation.
2.   Evaluation process will usually take up to 8 weeks from the submission date till the notification of the result. Should the review process take longer, the author will be notified.
3.   The editors of the RKS reserve the right to make stylistic amendments including grammar, Romanization, and citation format without consulting the author. Final proofs incorporating any such corrections will be sent to the author for final approval.
4.   Publication approval of a manuscript will be confirmed by the RKSeditorial board after sufficient revisions (if necessary) are made by the author(s) following initial RKS review. A pre-publication approval can be issued on request thereafter.
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