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 Title |  Academy of Korean Studies-2016 Faculty Positions
 Author |  Admin   Date |  Fri Feb 19, 2016 3:58 pm
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The Academy of Korean Studies which is the home of Korean studies is looking for a professor who will contribute to the globalization of Korean Studies through in-depth research and education about Korean culture in the following manner.
2016. 2. .
President of the Academy of Korean Studies
1. Position and opening
Area of specialty
Korean Studies
Korean linguistics, Anthropology, Musicology and Ethics
Not specified
Foreigners may apply
Global Korean Studies
 Korean cultural studies (Korean modern and contemporary history,  History of East Asian relations, Studies on contemporary Korean economy and Education of foreigners in Korean) and  Translation of classics
Not specified
2. Expected date of employment: 2016. 8. 1.
3. Job Qualification
A. Applicants who have satisfied at least one of the following conditions
1) Applicants who have a doctoral degree and at least 5 years of experience in an educational institute or research institute
2) Applicants who have completed a doctoral degree, have at least 3 years of teaching or research experience and who have an impressive academic background and research skills
3) Foreigners who have a doctoral degree in the same field
B. Applicants who have study record of publications over 300% in the 3 recent years from the closing date of application
C. Applicants who are not subject to disqualification in accordance with Article 33 of National Public Officials Act and regulations of Academy of Korean Studies.
4. Required documents  
A. Required documents for initial screening
1) One copy of your application (download the application form at our website).
2) A letter of self-introduction and recommendation (1 copy each).
3) A copy of research contents and certificates of teaching experience (download the form at our website).
4) A copy each of master and doctoral dissertations and abstracts in Korean.
5) A copy of plan for education and research (subjects which you can teach or you are studying, short- and mid-term research plan and objectives). (less than A4 20 pages)
6) A copy each of diploma (bachelor, master and doctoral degree) and transcript.
Applicants who have completed a doctoral degree in foreign countries should submit a copy of foreign doctor’s degree registration issued by National Research Foundation of Korea (formerly known as Korea Research Foundation)
7) A copy of certificate of work experience (all experiences provided in the application form).
B. Required documents for research work screening (only applicable to candidates who passed the initial screening)
․8 copies of study record of publications over 300% (recent 3 years from the closing date of application).
(In the case of submitting copies of published papers, they should be checked against originals)
- There are no limitations on the presentation period of doctoral dissertation
When submitting research works subject to screening, name and company of applicant should be deleted
Range of acknowledgement of research work and conversion rate: refer to notice attached file at our website (http://www.aks.ac.kr)
5. Application period
A. Application for initial screening: 2016. 3. 7(Mon) ~ 11(Fri)
B. Registration of research achievement: shortlisted candidates subject to research achievement screening will be contacted individually
6. Address
A. Address: HR Team, Academy of Korean Studies, 323, Haogae-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Tel: (031) 709-8111(extension 711) Fax: (031) 709-1531
B. How to apply: Hand in application or application by post (no application by E-mail)
7. Procedures of screening
Applicants will undergo initial screening, research achievement screening, presentation and interview.
(Shortlisted candidates for each screening will be contacted individually)
8. Additional Information
A. The first employment contract will be for a two year term, and the renewal of the contract will be decided based on the results of evaluating performance during the period of contract.
B. Anything which is not specified in this notice is based on regulations and screening criteria of Academy of Korean Studies.
C. Applicants should download the application form at online http://www.aks.ac.kr .
D. Applicants who do not submit required documents including research achievements by due date will be regarded as not willing to apply for the position.
E. Educational background and work experience can be stated in application only if supporting documents are attached.
F. Certificates in non-English languages must be submitted with translations. Translated papers should be notarized.
G. Research achievement in non-English languages should be translated and attached in the form of summary within 5 pages (A4).
H. Candidates should submit the original documents. In the case where the candidates can submit only the copies of the documents, the copies should be checked against the originals.
I. In the case where incomplete documents or the area of specialty do not match with qualifications, the application will not be accepted.
J. After commencing employment, if any errors or discrepancies are found in relation to the candidate’s qualifications or research works, the contract will be terminated immediately.
K. In the case where there is no suitable candidate who meets the outlined requirements, there may be no hiring.
L. For further information, please contact our HR Team (Tel 031-709-4413, Fax 031-709-1531).
'This notice may change depending on circumstances

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